Instructor Training
Scootability is a nationwide scooter training program. It gives people the skills and knowledge to ride safely.
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Instructor Training

Scootability training is the UK’s leading initiative to help people learn to ride scooters safely – and now you can receive training and become a Scootability Instructor and deliver your own fun, engaging and educational sessions.


Instructor Training is available nationwide, all year around – and is usually delivered through schools, council initiatives and other organisations.


Please get in touch to discuss your educational and development needs or read on to learn more about Scootability Instructor training, as well as the various courses available.


Thank you.

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A Guide To Being An Instructor


Why Become An Instructor?

With over a million young people scooting to school as part of the school run and with ever more adults adopting scooters to travel to work, it is essential to provide skills training and improve awareness around road safety.


Scootability instructors will be able to impart practical skills and offer a better understanding of how to ride near other people and vehicles.


Scootability instructors will be able to deliver fun, safe and engaging sessions to small or large groups, help introduce riders to scooting for the first time and promote the sport not just as a healthy active lifestyle but as a viable option for school travel plans, work and recreational transport.

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What’s involved?

Each Scootability Instructor training course requires a full day and will give you a thorough grounding in how to teach children and adults to both Level 1 and Level 2 Scootability standards. The course will be a mix of classroom sessions and outdoor practicals, covering all the subjects and skills you will need to become a confident Scootability Instructor.



Upon successful completion, attendees will receive a Scootability Instructor certificate, a 12 month membership to the Scootability instructor database, all of the printed instructor course materials, example lesson plans and risk assessment templates, access to additional online resources and a 10% discount on scooter product purchases. Everything they need to go and inspire and educate the next generation of safe, confident scooter riders.

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Who Is It For?

The Scootability Instructor training is suitable for anyone. Previous scooter experience is helpful but not essential. It is ideally suited to existing school, council or youth activity providers who would like to add an additional sport to their delivery options.


The Instructor Trainer will travel to you, bring all the course materials and equipment needed and make use of any suitable indoor and outdoor space you have available.


There are discounts available for councils, schools or partnerships that book both small or large groups.

Available Scootability Instructor Courses

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Level 1

The Scootability Level 1 Instructor Course is the entry point for people looking to add scooters to their sports offerings. It will give you the skills and knowledge to teach others how to start scooting safely.


Understand the parts of the scooter.


Understand the safety gear.


Learn how to balance.


Learn how to push, steer and stop.


Learn how to navigate obstacles.


Putting together a lesson plan.

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Level 2

The Scootability Level 2 Instructor Course will develop your knowledge of using scooters on pavements and roads and give you the tools to teach others how to ride safely outside of school etc.


Learn how to deal with crowded pavements.


Learning how to cross roads.


Learning how to take blind corners.


Learning how to keep other pavement users safe.


Learn about skatepark etiquette.


Learn how to plan for lessons.


Coming Soon

For those looking to develop their Scooter Instructor coacbing to the highest level, we are currently working on the framework for a Level 3 Instructor course (involving taking pupils offsite) as well as an Electric Scooter Instructor Course (of course aimed at the wide variety of electric scooters now available in many cities and towns).


We are also developing the range of products that are avilable from the Scootability shop to help newly trained instructors get started with their after-school clubs or youth club sessions – cones, bibs, scooters, helmets, trolleys, bags etc.