Scootability is a nationwide scooter training program. It gives people the skills and knowledge to ride safely.
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Scootability Training

Scootability is the UK’s first nationwide scooter training, designed to help everyone learn to ride their scooters safely. As such there is a focus on both practical skills and knowledge, so that everyone feels confident as they progress.


Scootability courses are available nationwide, all year around – and are usually delivered through schools, council initiatives and other organisations.


Please get in touch to discuss your needs or read on to learn more about the different Scootability levels, as well as some of the benefits of scootering.


Thank you.


Learning How To Ride A Scooter Has Many Benefits

Get Healthy and Active

Scooter riding can improve both your physical and mental wellbeing. All ages can benefit from this fun form of exercise and you can enjoy the activity in a wide variety of places – your school, your street, your local playground. Accessible to all and with a low cost to get started.

Quick and Green

Riding a scooter is a great form of transport whether it be to school or to work. It’s good news for the environment too, faster than walking, cheaper than driving and more fun that sitting in a car jam!

Learn To Ride Safely

Scootability ™ is the only nationwide training scheme available all year round. Delivered by professional instructors, who will travel to you and bring all the equipment needed – they will give you the skills and knowledge to build safer scootering habits.

casuton junior scooter

Scootability Level 1

In Scootability Level 1 sessions, we introduce pupils to the scooter for the first time. The aim is to establish the basic skills and knowledge to start riding safely.


Learn about the parts of the scooter.


Learn about the safety gear.


Learn how to balance.


Learn how to push and steer.


Learn how to stop.


Learn how to navigate obstacles.

Scootability Level 2

Scootability Level 2 is all about developing a strong understanding of spacial awareness. This will allow you to navigate riding outside of school more safely.


Dealing with crowded pavements.


Learning how to cross roads.


Learning how to take blind corners.


Learning how to keep other pavement users safe.


Understanding skatepark etiquette.


Learning a few trick skills.

westhaven liam

Scootability Level 3

Scootability Level 3 involves travelling from the school (or event site) to a fixed location and back again – making use of all the skills and knowledge gained.


Hi-visibility clothing provided.


Guided exercise.


Crossing Roads.


Navigating pedestrians.


Safe pavement usage.


Road awareness.

How Is Scootability Delivered?

Each Scootability workshop is 45 minutes long and the instructor can take up to 30 children in each session. Available nationwide, year round – coaching is delivered in a fun and safe environment.


We travel to you.


We bring all the equipment needed.


DBS checked / Fully insured.


Up to 180 children in a day.


Professional instructors.


Completion certificates and access to resource library.