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What is Scootability?

Scootability ™ is a nationwide scooter training program. It gives people the skills and knowledge to ride safely. With over a million people using scooters to travel to school or work, we want everyone – scooter users, pedestrians and other road users to feel safe.

Who is Scootability for?

Scootability ™ is for all existing scooter riders as well as those looking to start. Open to ages 5+, sessions are delivered primarily through schools, local and national authorities, as well as a wide variety of organisations. We support teachers, sports development officers, health and fitness projects, travel safety programmes and a wide range of other active lifestyle initiatives.

How to do Scootability?

Scootability ™ training is available all year, nationwide. A professional instructor will travel to you, bring all the equipment needed and help you develop your skills and confidence towards safer scootering habits. DBS checked and fully insured, instructors can deliver through schools, clubs or council events.

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Scootability Instructor training available now.